Picking the Right Shopify Website Designer

Shopify Website Designer

Are you in the market for a Shopify website designer? It can be tough to know where to start.

How do you know if they’re good? And, more importantly, will they understand your unique business and vision?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this blog post, we’ll give you everything you need to know about picking the right Shopify website designer. We’ll cover topics like how to find designers, what questions to ask them, and how to make sure they understand your vision.

So read on – your perfect designer is just a few clicks away!


Whether you are considering getting your first Shopify website built or are already working with a web designer, the best way to ensure a successful project is to review their portfolio.

A portfolio should not only be attractive, but it should also convince prospective clients to hire the designer.

A good Shopify website designer should have a diverse and impressive portfolio. A strong portfolio will showcase their work and convey a sense of style, quality, and ability to deliver.

You should also check the reviews of the designer on websites such as Google or Yelp. These sites allow clients to tell you what they think of a particular company.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform for small to mid-size businesses. It’s a cost-effective way to create an online store and attract buyers. A Shopify store will also do well on search engines. The platform’s flexible architecture allows it to easily integrate with other eCommerce options.

Shopify website designer’s role

A Shopify website designer will help you develop your website so that it will support your business’s growth organically.

A Shopify website designer’s primary role is to design, develop, and integrate the store’s back-end system.

These designers are also responsible for making sure your website is search engine friendly, functional, and up-to-date.

These professionals also know how to integrate other components of your business, such as social media, into your online store.


When choosing a Shopify website designer, experience is an important consideration. If a web developer is not familiar with Shopify, he may not understand it well enough to provide an effective solution.

Provide the Best User Experience

A highly knowledgeable developer knows how to make the store as easy to use as possible, and can make necessary adjustments to ensure a seamless user experience. A designer who has experience in developing Shopify websites will know how to make the checkout process as simple as possible, regardless of the device being used.

The design and layout of a Shopify website are the most critical components of an online store’s customer conversion rate.

A good designer will incorporate a consistent brand look and feel. This includes colours, images, and logos. A Shopify store that is unprofessional in this regard will be avoided by customers. Moreover, a web designer should be familiar with Shopify’s platform to ensure that the website will meet the needs of your target customers.

Optimise for most devices

Choosing the right theme for your Shopify store is essential. A responsive theme ensures that your site is optimized for smartphones and other devices. The right theme will make your store look attractive and user-friendly and ensure that your audience spends more time browsing.

A website that conveys your brand’s story is critical to a successful online business. A quality Shopify site will attract your target audience, tell your story, and convert visitors into paying customers. A website that looks professional and well-designed will be an asset to your brand and help your business succeed.


The speed of your site is another essential factor. If it is slow to load, your visitors will become frustrated and leave. Currently, 80% of shoppers abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load. This means that slow-loading sites will cost you significant sales. A Shopify website with a fast-loading time is crucial to attracting visitors and preventing lost sales.

The choice of a theme can be overwhelming, so you will need some guidance from an experienced Shopify website designer during the selection process.


Before you engage a Shopify website designer, it is important to understand the price range of such an expert.

You can either hire someone locally, through freelance platforms, or from a professional eCommerce development company. While hiring a website designer locally is generally cheaper, it is difficult to manage the project. Also, it is best to choose a website designer with experience in the specific niche that you need.

Price can vary

The price range for a Shopify website designer will vary depending on the number of pages that need to be designed and the level of functionality that you require. The more pages you need, the higher the price. The price range will also vary if you need an extensive website that features a shopping cart page.

In general, a Shopify website designer will charge between $4k-$6k. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this does not include the cost of a UI/UX design.

Front-end development and theme customization are more expensive and can add up to several thousand dollars. You should also consider the cost of project management and quality assurance.

A Shopify website designer will build a basic store for you within a few days, while more complex themes can take over a month.

While a website designer will help you get your store up and running, it is up to you to help guide or directly develop the written content and banners.

Industry knowledge

When choosing a Shopify website designer, it is important to consider industry knowledge and experience. While Shopify offers basic frameworks and apps for a variety of purposes, there are a variety of things you can do to make your website unique.

A Shopify website designer who has experience in website design will be able to adapt to changing market and industry trends.

Clear communication is essential

Another important feature to consider when choosing a Shopify website developer is clear communication. During the entire development process, the developer should be able to keep you informed.

The most experienced Shopify developers will have a dedicated project manager that will answer your questions and keep you updated on progress.

Moreover, a Shopify website developer should be able to provide a detailed quote. If the developer is unable to provide you with a quote, move on to another company. It is important to communicate effectively with the developer and answer all of your questions thoroughly. Keep in mind that website design is a process that requires constant communication.

Getting the most out of Shopify

You should also choose a Shopify website designer who has a good understanding of the platform’s technicalities.

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform, with a market share of 32% within the US and 2.6 million live websites in more than 175 countries.

While Shopify is user-friendly and easy to understand, there are nuances to it that require an expert.

When choosing a Shopify website designer, it is essential to look for someone knowledgeable about SEO(search engine optimization), which is crucial for your website’s visibility online. Without the proper knowledge of SEO, your website may be penalized by search engines.


So there you have it – everything you need to know about picking the right Shopify website designer.

Of course, this is just a starting point.

If you want more information or want to chat with us about your specific needs, we’re always happy to help.

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