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Whether your property is residential or commercial, a gate is a crucial part of its security. It’s also the first thing visitors notice when they pull into your driveway, so it should be both beautiful and functional.

Solid Gate specialises in 100% New Zealand aluminium gates and can install them within a month. Their products are fully customisable to match your fencing structure and style.


Security gates offer a strong deterrent against intruders and other threats. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, allowing you to choose the best gate for your business. For example, you can use spikes to keep intruders from climbing walls or fences. You can also choose to install razor wire, which offers a higher level of security than standard spikes.

To ensure that your gates meet safety standards, you should regularly inspect them. This includes examining operating hardware and ensuring that they are properly lubricated. You should also clean the gates after each usage, using care to avoid damage to their finish.

Ultimately, the health and safety risks posed by your gate will depend on who lives or works on your property. If your residents are primarily criminals, a gate might not provide any protection. This is because criminals are often skilled at overcoming security measures. Other factors that can affect the effectiveness of your gates include:


Whether you need to keep children or pets safe, keep the kids from exploring too much of your property or simply reduce the amount of noise coming into the house gates are a smart choice. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand out of aluminium and expertly welded for strength and longevity these gate are made to fit your fence line and can be supplied with a range of infills including standard timber palings, thick noise reducing Laminata panels or aluminium slats.

Each gate has a powder coating applied in NZ for quality and durability. Choose from a wide range of colours including classic black or any other colour to suit your property.

For an added measure of security install a gate automation package which can be operated by keypad, swipe card or even a video control. All gates and automation packages are fully installed by a licensed electrician to ensure compliance with current regulations. For a free measure and quote on your next home gate contact Adam Styles Creative Metal.


Gates Tauranga designed for residential and commercial properties are built to withstand the elements and provide peace of mind for the homeowner. They are fabricated from aluminium and expertly welded for strength, with a powder coated finish that will not rust.

In addition, all gates are designed to allow the installation of automation (now or in the future), with a choice of keypad or swipe card access. They can also be fitted with intercom or video control to further enhance the security of your property.

When it comes to quality and durability, there is no match for 100% New Zealand made gates from Tauranga Balustrades & Gates. They are strong and elegant, with a timeless design that will look great for years to come. They are available in a range of sizes and infill designs, including louvre, weatherboard, or premium grade Western Red Cedar cladding. Contact Tauranga Balustrades & gates today for a free quote on a custom gate designed for your home.


Living in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty region presents unique challenges for outdoor materials that are exposed to the salt-laden air. This can wreak havoc on rust-prone metals and timber, causing them to corrode and degrade over time. Gates are one such item that can suffer from the rigours of the coastal environment. That’s why it’s important to opt for a quality product, such as those offered by Tauranga Balustrades and Gates. Every one of their products is made from aluminium, expertly welded to ensure strength and durability. They are also lightweight, which makes them ideal for the Bay of Plenty coastal environment.

A good gate is a great way to add security and aesthetic appeal to your home or bach. With a wide range of designs and colours available, you can choose a gate that complements your property’s existing architecture. And since your gates are the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your home, it’s important that they look great.

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