Choosing Candle Holders

There are many kinds of candle holders available on the market. Some are simple and elegant, while others are decorative and cheap. Choose what you like and add a personal touch to the space. No matter what type of candle you’re using, a good holder is essential. A good holder keeps the candle stable and out of the way, so that it doesn’t get knocked over.


Simple candle holders are a great way to redecorate your home without breaking the bank. Whether you want a classic look or a modern, industrial look, these candle holders will fit in beautifully with your decor. If you’re not sure where to start, you can look at our selection of DIY ideas.

A crafty way to dress up simple candle holders is to add a mercerized finish to them. It’s an easier craft than it may seem, and you don’t need to purchase any fancy materials. You can make a mercerized glass candle holder with a few supplies, including concrete mix, a plastic cup, and spray paint.

Another simple way to decorate with candles is to use a milk carton. This recycled item can hold up to four candles. All you need to do is cut off the top of the lid and make a hole in it. Once you’ve cut out the hole, you can fill it with concrete. Masking tape can be used to make sure the edges are straight. Once the concrete has set, you can insert a candle.


If you want to use candle holders to decorate your home, you should choose those made from high-quality materials. These candle holders are meant to last for years, and they should be able to endure periodic home renovations. If you plan on passing these candle holders down through generations, make sure you choose heirloom-quality pieces. You should also check out sales and discounts, because good retailers offer great deals to their customers.

Elegant candle holders come in various designs and materials. Some types are made of metal, while others are made of glass. The design and color of these candle holders should fit into the overall decor scheme of your home.

One of the best places to buy cheap candle holders is at a dollar store. You can also use fabric to create unique candle holders. Black lace will look great wrapped around votives. Glue will help hold the fabric to the candle holder. Wine glass candle holders are also very cheap and simple to make. First you need to flip the wine glass upside down and glue the lace to it. Another inexpensive but fun candle holder is a tuna can. Clean the can and insert a candle into it.

You can also decorate your candle holders with beads. There are plenty of inexpensive beads you can drape around a cheap candle holder. Adding beads will allow the light of the candle to reflect off of the beads and create an interesting effect. You can also use old glass bead necklaces as cheap candle holders.


Decorative candle holders are a great way to add visual interest to any room. They’re also useful gift items. Whether you’re giving them as a housewarming gift or for any special occasion, these items will be welcomed by anyone. You can even use them as a part of your home’s interior decor.

Decorative candle holders are available in many different sizes, patterns, and colors. Some even have designs on the outside of the holder, which are projected onto the wall when lit. Lantern candle holders are another popular way to display candles NZ, while serving a decorative purpose. They can even be used outside when camping.

For a rustic look, you can use wooden pillar candle holders. These are available in three sizes. You’ll need to choose a type of tea light for this type of candle holder, such as a battery-operated one. For a more modern look, you can find stone candle holders in gold or silver. Some of these holders even double as planters!


Outdoors candle holders are a great way to add a little light and romance to your deck or patio. They’re easy to make and can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. You can purchase one that’s specifically designed for outdoors or create one yourself with your own creativity. These can be made for pillars or taper candles and come in a variety of shapes and materials.

You can also buy outdoor candle lanterns for seasonal decor, especially if you get ones that have glass chambers so you can add faux plants or fairy lights. Candle lanterns NZ are also great for accent lighting indoors and make great patio centerpieces. One type is the Breakwater Bay Metal Floor Lantern, which is available in three heights and features a traditional silhouette.

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