5 Reasons to Build a Shed

Sheds can help you get organized and clear out a lot of clutter that might be taking up space in your home. They can also serve as a place to store power tools and other paraphernalia that may be too dangerous or messy to keep inside the house.

The shed should be durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Residents living in areas that experience heavy snows should consider a shed with a thick roof that can hold the weight of snow without caving in.


Sheds are often overlooked when it comes to aesthetics, but they can be an eye-catching part of your garden. Whether you’re looking to create a space for relaxing or working, the shed can be a perfect place to turn to. The colour of your shed is a big choice, and it’s important to choose one that matches the rest of your property. Bright colours will liven up the garden, while more neutral tones can look more in keeping with the greenery.

Another way to make your shed look nicer is by adding windows. These add a bit of extra light and also help with airflow, so you can keep the shed cool without spending too much money. You can choose standard window shapes, or opt for more unique ones like arches or quarter circles to give your shed a cottage-style feel. You can even add a porch to your shed for an extra-cozy touch. It’s always worth remembering that your shed will be exposed to the elements, so maintenance is important. Keeping up with the paint and removing any rust can help your shed last for years to come.


Sheds can be built to hold a wide range of personal items that aren’t necessarily appropriate for the home. For instance, expensive paintings or bulk amounts of food could be safely stored in a shed. They can even be designed to include insulation and electrical power, if that’s the desire. (Just make sure you follow all applicable codes and zoning requirements, if any exist).

Sheds can help reduce clutter in the house by moving less attractive outdoor equipment out of sight, as well as storing holiday decorations after the season is over. They can also provide protection from the elements, prolonging the life of furniture, lawn care equipment, and tools. If the family has children, a shed can keep toys and sharp tools out of the reach of little hands, which can be a safety concern inside the home. It can also be used to store yard and garden chemicals and other hazardous materials, protecting them from accidental or deliberate misuse.


Every shed owner should be taking a range of security measures. These are simple to implement and will make a big difference. For example, the shed door hinges are often cheap and flimsy, which allows them to be ripped off with little effort. Replacing them with a robust hinge that has a pin and is secured to the frame by coach bolts will drastically improve shed security.

The windows are also a weak point. They allow a thief to see what is inside the shed before deciding whether to break in. There are a variety of window protection options, including toughened shatterproof glass and thick plywood, to prevent this from happening.

Installing a motion triggered alarm that lights up and sends footage to your phone will deter many thieves. These are available in mains powered or battery powered and can be wired to the shed door. Some will even ring your mobile if it is tampered with!


Sheds provide a plethora of storage options to help organize your life. You can use shelving, pegboards and cabinets to maximize your shed’s space. This helps keep items organized and frees up space in your garage, home or yard.

Shedding is also a great way to get dangerous outdoor equipment and sharp tools out of the house where children or pets might reach them. You can store hoses, extension cords and other equipment in the shed where you’ll never have to worry about someone getting hurt.

A shed is a great place to keep all your gardening and household supplies, especially those that can be messy or expensive, such as fertilizer, mulch, pots and pans. Using stackable storage containers like plastic bins or tomato boxes is one of the best shed storage ideas to keep these things organized. Labeling is also a great way to keep track of what’s in each container. This makes finding and returning items much easier.

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