How does it work?
How employees can make donations easily through payroll giving.

Download Guides
Download payroll giving guides for your organisation.

Who can I donate to?
Access all approved donee organisations.

MSD: Early Adopter of Payroll Giving
Find out how Ministry of Social Development employee Nadine Kilmister uses payroll giving to support a multitude of organisations that are important to her.

Telecom: $2 million and Counting
Find out how Telecom’s matched payroll giving initiative supports the charities, schools and community organisations that are important to employees.

Making giving easy – A new approach to Payroll Giving at Perpetual Guardian
Find out how Pepertual Guardian is encouraging employees to give & matching their donations through the Perpetual Guardian Staff Fund

Employee Case Study: Cherie Walters
Telecom employee Cherie Walters uses payroll giving to double her donations to her children’s school.

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