Buy Sex Dolls Online in Australia

There’s been an increase in sex doll sales in Melbourne, Australia. One online seller claims it’s because people are purchasing them to use in the T2 transit lanes on highways, which require two occupants.

Adulttoymegastore is a leading sex doll retailer, offering everything from dildos to lingerie and bondage products. They have high end Japanese sex doll manufacturers in stock, including OV Doll and JBDI.

OV Doll

OV Doll is one of the largest and most reliable sex doll manufacturers on the market. They manufacture their dolls in Japan and sell them to 140 countries. They offer a variety of different size bodies, wigs and accessories. They also offer a number of add-on options including Soft Breasts, Soft Belly, and Soft Butt.

In addition to their high quality products, OV Doll has a great customer service team. They will quickly address any issues you may have. This is important when purchasing a high-end product like a sex doll.

While it is possible that child sex dolls may protect against sexual aggression, this hypothesis has not been empirically tested. On the contrary, it is also possible that sex doll ownership may increase owners’ risk level by reinforcing their sexual attraction to children. This has not been tested either, but is commonly argued in legal and sociological treatises. It is therefore essential to consider both models of doll ownership when investigating the potential for harm.


Located in China, JY Doll is the 2nd largest TPE sex doll manufacturer worldwide. They produce a range of high-quality sex dolls that are affordable and realistic. They use medical grade thermoplastic elastomer for their dolls and offer upgrades like platinum, jelly or uterus options as well as a large selection of hybrid sex dolls (silicone head + TPE body).

The site is an established long-established online doll shop that serves customers around the world. It stocks top brands including WM Dolls, Sanhui, JY Doll and Doll House. It also offers a wide variety of accessories and is one of the few sites that offer interest-free payment.

Kanadoll focuses on promoting emerging Chinese sex doll manufacturers with exceptional doll craftmanship at bargain prices. This way they can offer their products at international standards without the premium price tag. Their customer rating is 93% “Excellent”, 11% “Great” and 4% “Average”. The majority of reviews are positive, and there are only a few hiccups regarding shipping delays or buyers being surprised by the weight of their dolls.

The Online Doll Shop

Sex dolls are booming in popularity in Melbourne, Australia. One online doll shop says they’ve had so many orders that they’re going to have to start shipping them out in plain packaging. The company says it’s possible an underground sex doll brothel opened up and is responsible for the increase in sales.

While it is legal to purchase and own sex dolls in Australia, there are certain rules that should be followed. For example, the doll must be above 147cm with an adult face and a B cup size or higher. Also, the sex doll should not appear to be too young or small because this would be considered child exploitation.

Joy Love Doll is a reputable sex doll vendor that offers a wide selection of high-end dolls. They offer a variety of sizes and styles, including some hard-to-find brands. They also have an excellent customer service team that is available to answer your questions.


A Wellington-based adult retailer is quietly building what can only be described as a sex toy empire. Nicola Relph has led Adulttoymegastore since it was established in 2009, and the company is now one of the largest suppliers of adult toys in Australasia. They ship their products discreetly in recyclable packaging to 11 countries across the world.

Relph is adamant that sex toys should be sold safely, and her company has made great strides in this area. The website now features masses of information and tips, employs a sex educator and produces a podcast on sexuality. They also host online webinars and ticketed events.

Adulttoymegastore has made a big splash with its bricks and mortar Club X stores, but you can also purchase their massive range of toys and accessories online. They stock a wide variety of fetishwear, bondage gear and lubricants for him, her, and them. They even sell pheromone candles to help you find your sexy mojo.

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