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New Zealand has recently become the first nation in the world to introduce artificial grass for use in public sporting venues. This is part of the Government’s wider plan to improve the performance of both the National Stadiums and the Auckland Grand Prix venues. It is hoped that this will encourage the hosting of more sports and other sports events in the country. In doing so, it hopes that more money can be made available for projects such as those associated with transforming the running tracks at the Auckland Casino.

The sporting venues that are making the most use of artificial grass at the moment are the two Auckland casinos. However, it should be made clear that the Government’s plan to transform the running tracks at the Auckland Casino goes hand in hand with the construction of a new stadium. That means that the best artificial grass specialists in the country have had their work cut out in both instances. The casinos have commissioned their own companies, while the Auckland Transport and Economic Development (ATED) department has hired an outside firm to oversee the construction work. Neither of these companies is expected to complete the job without sufficient levels of support from the relevant departments.

Despite the fact that the two companies involved in the construction of the Auckland Casino and the Auckland Motor Speedway are not expected to complete the job without sufficient levels of support, there has been significant speculation that city officials could consider outsourcing the task. If the idea is seriously considered, it must be remembered that public works in New Zealand are well-resourced. The running of the city simply cannot afford to miss out on any opportunity to save money. For that reason, outsourcing one of the tasks associated with artificial grass in Auckland would seem to be a mistake.

The first option considered by the Auckland City Council when it comes to outsourcing is that of Google Business Solutions. This international company has built up a good reputation over the years, which made it the obvious choice to deal with the artificial grass in Auckland. As per Google Business Solutions, “We provide advisory and consultancy services to commercial customers, governments, third-party providers, and public agencies”. That certainly indicates that Google Business Solutions is primarily focused upon the development of better artificial grass specialists. However, it is important to remember that this company is also focused on providing excellent customer service.

Another company that has the backing of large numbers of commercial-grade artificial grass operators is Decker & Jackson. They have built up their own reputation over the years, and their range of products has consistently ranked high in the industry. Although it is unlikely that the company will begin outsourcing its artificial turf operations, it is likely that they will begin providing oversight for the operational aspects of the project, such as running the machines and ensuring that the correct operating hours are maintained. It is also likely that they will provide catering services for events that require the use of the best artificial grass in Auckland.

With numerous companies providing artificial grass for sports fields, it is not surprising that many sports fields in the Auckland region do not have the right artificial turf to meet their requirements. The problem faced by many sports fields and courts in the Auckland region is finding the right suppliers for the correct turf with the appropriate specifications for their specific needs. One particular company that is highly recommended by many artificial turf specialists and operators is The Body Shop, which is primarily associated with sports fields, but they provide a wide range of other facilities. The company has been in operation since 1974 and is run by Mr. James Clark.

The Body Shop provides both indoor and outdoor artificial turf for sports fields and court surfaces, and is the best artificial grass specialists in Auckland according to many business owners and operators. The company operates out of two retail locations in Newmarket and Manukau, and they also have an office in the West Auckland suburb of Pareora. Mr Clark says that the company strives to provide the best service to both residential and commercial customers, and that there is a large variety of turf products to choose from in order to match customers’ specific requirements.

The company’s primary product line is known as Quattro Turf which has been selected as the best artificial grass solution in the industry by many business owners. Other products include Quattro Live, Quattro Pro-Shop, and the Quattro Sport Shop line. All of these products have been designed for residential use, including high performance sports courts, and all are guaranteed to last for several years. Mr Clark also notes that clients can choose to buy their artificial turf over the phone, which he says is a convenience that is provided by the Body Shop itself. Regardless of which type of turf your sports field needs, you can be sure that you will find exactly what you need at the Body Shop.

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